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Letter to Sydney train 211217 I confuse about your service when customer loose something in train . I live at Armidale on last Sunday 171217 I went to Sydney to drop my family go back to Thai around 1130 am I arrive to Sydney and then I catch train from domestic to international airport . My son forgot passport in train on his seat at international airport station. When he leave from train quickly he forgot to bring with him at international airport station I think around 1200 pm . When I know he loose passport I design to go back domestic station go to talk with your staff about loose passport on train between domestic to international airport and need to go back Thai 1950 today (171217) . Your Thai staff try to help me is good and she give me try to contact loose property department but no one take call and how I know no one take call is I will try another way to do something for example call Emirate to ask and postpone flight pay 125$ ( Yha Sydney central one night on 171217 room 809) and I plan to ask Thai embassy about loose passport how to do what process . I came back domestic station again around 4-430 pm and ask about my son passport no one see it not find it . I design to not go back Armidale because tomorrow 181217 need to go to Thai embassy to do temporary passport and booking hotel pay 125 $ and loose money is no flight back Armidale 150$.on 181217 morning I went to police statin at Surry hill to let him know I loose my son passport and after that go Thai embassy to do temporary passport and done and try to contact Australia passport department to do Australia passport because he loose two passport . It very hard to do everything because two passport need to do new Australis passport at post and pay more extra money 183$ to do quickly total need to pay 322$ and I canít do in Sydney because my son document not on my hand it mean need to go back Armidale post to do it . What about job I did is bad suitiation and son canít go back thai today change to 281217 . On evening 181217 Monday before I flight back Armidale on 1550 pm with Rex flight at domestic airport around 1530 pm I try to call loose property train Sydney again no one take call and the system need me put what I loose my son put detail of loose passport and go back Armidale between 181218 all day I try to call domestic international station and Sydney airport immigration but no one see my son passport ok done go home . On 201217 I went to Armidale post to do priory passport to my son pay 322$ to them and after noon today I got your email about you find passport is great I quickly to Tel post and can get money back from them lucky I got money back and try to contact you but no one take call again call a lot around 30 minute and have some one take call is good I ask about when you fund it she said fund it on 171217 at some station and station wait to someone contact if no one contact they sent back to loose property department ( this mean today 201217 come to you ) my many question coming to me is 1- why when I go to ask your domestic station on 171217 and I told need to flight today in1950 pm why they not help to email to all station that the train pass and ask who see some passport ??? See or not 2-why domestic need me to contact only loose property train and no one take call why domestic station not advice me to go loose property office at central station because a lot customer call canít take call may be contact directly can help to get passport in that day 171217 3- in this case you know already about serious case need to flight today 171117 on 1950pm this case is serious why you still do look like not help more and I think you know all station at the train pass I not know where station he many station the the train pass but u think you can contact them I think back if you help more a bit to contact all station by email Tel them if you find passport pls let domestic know and sent back today 171217 may be have a good story happen in my life that why I write this Letter to Tel you about what process that you help customer is good enough to help ??? Is my question not all case you can help look like this but in this case is serious case may be you can do more help by station that see some customer loose property just some case do more more help make customer happy and like your service and make you good and best service train in the world . 4- my cost in this case Cancel flight go back Armidale 150$ Hotel one night 171217 125$ Pay flight back Armidale 340$ Change flight 125$ Do you see if I can find it on Sunday 171217 this cost not happen but any way you find it now is very thank you to you But if you think about some process of you not good enough pls change something to help more your future customer not need to pay more money to fix some problem when they loose something in train . Thank you Billy More suggestion -May be you can have some icon on ticket machine about loose property customer can I put to your system directly -may be at all station work should have some program to put in to tell all station about customer loose property and when they input information go to let all station know and can find quickly and help loose property department work because now only one department take care about loose may be not enough and take care a lot of job I think add a bit job for all station can help loose property department may be make customer happy not just Tel customer contact loose property and no one take call .. what do you think .... - I ask your property about why no one take call they told a lot of line coming per day 200-300 call and have two line is not my problem is your operate problem if you can take my call quickly may be I can find my passport quickly too ( how to fix your department problem ????) - and what about when some station find some property why not sent information to all station about find something and ask all station do you have customer loose some thing not just contact to only Center of loose property department may be quicker to serve customer ??? - do you see I pay money a lot in this case if you have service quick and give me pay more to find my property I think I happy to pay you and I should pay less that I paid already But anyway thank you for you find my son passport again and I hope my suggestion help you approve some work if you ... thank Billy ...
‚ī¬ Billy | 21-12-2017 : 4:41:30

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